FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back

FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back
The FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Girlfriend Wants to Take A Break – What Do I Do?

If your girlfriend is telling you she wants to take a break from your relationship, chances are it's time to step in right away to figure out what is going on. If you're serious about keeping her, you need to take a serious look at some things that might be taking place in your relationship and driving her away.
-Possessiveness and jealousy
Fear based motivators like jealousy and possessiveness will cause you to do irrational things that drive her away. If you feel jealous when she talks to other guys, give some thought to why this happens.
Are you worried she will leave you for one of these other guys? If so, why? Does she listen to you when you express your fears to her, and help you find way to combat them? Figure out exactly where your jealousy is coming from so you can deal with it and not lose her.
-Loss of interest in sex
We often think that sex is something that comes from a strictly physical attraction to someone, but it is rarely the case that someone's physical attributes alone are enough to make us want them physically. We have to be connected on a mental level.
Find similar interests between you and your girlfriend. Playing your favorite sports together, sharing interesting conversation about your lives and dreams, or even just playing a fun game together can bring you closer, and contribute to your fun in the bedroom.
-Communication difficulties
When we feel we can't be open and honest with a partner, it often drives us away from each other. It is easier to repair relationships that are in trouble by taking the attitude that we will listen with an open heart and mind.
Try to really hear what your girlfriend is saying when she says she wants to take a break from your relationship. If this is because of issues with your treatment of her, try to figure out why she feels that way and how you can do better.
Often these problems can simply be solved by focusing on your life and your interests; if you live in a strong reality, she will follow you into it, if you are an exciting, cool person to be with. And if you are kind and thoughtful of others' feelings, you will be more attractive to her as well.

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