FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back

FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back
The FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me For Another Guy - 3 Mistakes That Drive Her Away

Are you in the unhappy situation of "my girlfriend broke up with me for another guy"? And if so, do you know what to do to get her back? Probably not, and it's not your fault. The truth of the matter is, no one ever taught us how to deal with breakups and the pain of losing a woman when we were in school. Odds are, you're acting on natural instinct about getting her back - and that is driving her AWAY.

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1. Being extremely nice and telling her you love her over and over again.

Sure it makes SENSE that telling her you're sorry, and you love her so much, would eventually get her back. But what makes sense to us doesn't make sense to her, in most cases. The more you call her phone again and again, or leave her texts and emails, the more you are telling her that YOU ARE DESPERATE. And that is going to drive her away.

2. You're trying to use LOGIC to get her back.

One small secret: women do not respond to logic, period, when it comes to relationships and breakup arguments. You may have a great career, great looks, or great everything. But she WILL leave you for another guy if she is not getting her emotional needs met. Yes, women respond to EMOTION, not logic, in relationships. This is one thing those "jerks" and "bad boys" use to their advantage to get laid.

3. Shutting her out completely.

Lots of breakup and reconnecting advice columns will tell you to initiate the NC (no contact) rule, but that is actually not going to help in your favor either. If you really want to get her back, you need to learn how to establish contact with her after the breakup but in a way that paints you as the attractive guy she wants in her life. Think about it: if you really want her back, how is shutting her out completely really going to help you? All she's going to think is that you really don't want her - or worse, that you are not strong enough to deal with continuing to have her in your life after a breakup.

If you are serious about getting the problem of your girlfriend leaving you for another guy solved, and getting her back into your arms, you need to avoid the above mistakes.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Girlfriend Left Me for My Best Friend! What Do I Do?

My girlfriend left me for my best friend! That is one of the most painful situations to ever have to be in. Just about the only thing worse than seeing someone you love break up with you is seeing them leave you for your best friend. The world feels like it's crumbling around you and you just don't know what to do, or who to trust. Your faith in both of these people is shaken exponentially – and you feel like you've lost them both.
Believe me, I know the feeling! This is an impossibly difficult situation, but there are some ways you can make yourself feel better, and even start getting back on the right track. You need to figure out if you really want this girl back if she's dating your best friend. And if you do, you need to know how to get her back.
These steps are going to seem pretty strange to you, but hear me out.
First thing you want to do is let her know you accept it. You need her to know that you are okay with the breakup (even though “okay” is about the last word you'd use to describe it. “Raging mad” is usually going to be more accurate).
Now this is important: WRITE HER A LETTER.
Do not call her. Do not text her. Do not email her. Just write her a letter, preferably by hand. You do not want the temptation to rehash old problems which is very easy through modern communication such as phone and email. Plus, she may not even want to talk to you right now. A letter is ideal because she can read it when she's ready.
Now in this letter you want to tell her that you value what you learned from her in your relationship, that you accept the breakup, and that you hope she is happy (do not mention the best friend. He – or she – is irrelevant). That's all. Say it your own way, but make sure that you say these things to her.
Then you want to send your letter. That's all.
Now by doing this, you are cementing yourself as a mature, kind person in her eyes, and that is way more attractive than anything. You can now breathe easily because you'll have done everything within your control at this point to get your girl back from another guy, or girl as the case may be.
Remember: she left because there was something unfulfilled in her relationship with you, but you have an advantage in that she hooked up with you in the first place. She must have feelings for you. Feelings don't just go away, even if she says they do (which is just her anger speaking).
Now, you want to focus on yourself.
Go out, make new friends, indulge your passions and hobbies. Play your favorite sports, making sure to get plenty of exercise. Now is the time to eat a good diet, not lots of junk food which will just make you more depressed. Don't view the loss of your ex as a bad thing; instead, see it as a chance to reconnect with the most important person in your life: YOURSELF. Do not think about your ex, or the best friend, or any of it.
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Calm Mind Technique from TW Jackson

TW Jackson talks about how to calm your mind from the distressing thoughts during a breakup. This video is definitely useful right after a breakup, but you can also use the "Calm Mind Technique" any time you are stressed out, at any time.

If you find this video useful, you can also learn more about TW's system and other tricks in The Magic of Making Up.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Girlfriend Wants to Take A Break – What Do I Do?

If your girlfriend is telling you she wants to take a break from your relationship, chances are it's time to step in right away to figure out what is going on. If you're serious about keeping her, you need to take a serious look at some things that might be taking place in your relationship and driving her away.
-Possessiveness and jealousy
Fear based motivators like jealousy and possessiveness will cause you to do irrational things that drive her away. If you feel jealous when she talks to other guys, give some thought to why this happens.
Are you worried she will leave you for one of these other guys? If so, why? Does she listen to you when you express your fears to her, and help you find way to combat them? Figure out exactly where your jealousy is coming from so you can deal with it and not lose her.
-Loss of interest in sex
We often think that sex is something that comes from a strictly physical attraction to someone, but it is rarely the case that someone's physical attributes alone are enough to make us want them physically. We have to be connected on a mental level.
Find similar interests between you and your girlfriend. Playing your favorite sports together, sharing interesting conversation about your lives and dreams, or even just playing a fun game together can bring you closer, and contribute to your fun in the bedroom.
-Communication difficulties
When we feel we can't be open and honest with a partner, it often drives us away from each other. It is easier to repair relationships that are in trouble by taking the attitude that we will listen with an open heart and mind.
Try to really hear what your girlfriend is saying when she says she wants to take a break from your relationship. If this is because of issues with your treatment of her, try to figure out why she feels that way and how you can do better.
Often these problems can simply be solved by focusing on your life and your interests; if you live in a strong reality, she will follow you into it, if you are an exciting, cool person to be with. And if you are kind and thoughtful of others' feelings, you will be more attractive to her as well.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Steps to Getting Your Ex Back Fast

If your ex has just left you, it can be a frustrating and difficult time, when all you can think about is how badly you want her back. Do not despair! There are ways to get her back, even if she is with another guy. It's just a matter of shifting your focus.
First, you need to do something else. Get your mind off your sadness. Being mopey and despairing over her leaving you will not make her want you back. You need to take this breakup time as something positive: it's a chance for you to work on yourself and focus on your needs.
Indulge your hobbies. Play basketball or whatever your favorite sport may be. Read some books on your favorite topics. Take a trip to your favorite place. Just focus on yourself, your needs, and really think about what you want.
Secondly, you need to let her know you are not desperate. Desperation sends a woman off in a way body odor never will. Just call her to let her know that you understand the breakup was necessary, and you enjoyed the time you spent with her and really value everything you learned from her. That's it.
This is going to make her respect you more – which is what you want, and it is one of the most important steps to getting your ex back fast.
Finally you need to live your life. Do exciting, fun things, meet new people, learn about the world around you. Rediscover your boyhood passions. If you work, make sure to schedule “me” time where you can reconnect with your hobbies and the things that bring you joy. This is because being happy will make you more attractive to her, and lead her to want to spend more time with you.
Want to get her to call you? Allow her a glimpse of your new self, the one that is happy because you live a life full of interesting people and activities. And make some new friends while you're at it. Having friends will make you more attractive in your ex girlfriend's eyes.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The One Stop Method to How to Get Your Girl Back From Another Guy

If your girl has left you for another guy, there are a number of things you don't want to do, such as pining after her and calling her repeatedly, begging her to take you back. That will push her away. There is a simple first move you can use to solidify your place in your girl's mind after she has left you for another girl, known as what I call the "one stop method".

First what you'll need to do is get a piece of paper. You're going to be writing a letter. It needs to be a letter, not an email or a phone call. You need her to read your thoughts on words, not anywhere else. This is an important first step in how to get your girl back from another guy.

So you'll write this letter, explaining that you understand why she wanted to call off your relationship. You're not going to apologize, but you need to communicate to her that you enjoyed your time together, and you're grateful for what she gave you.

By doing this, you are proving to her that you are a mature, kind man, and that you are not desperate. You're letting her know that you're able to withstand losing her even though it is hard - breakups are hard. But she will respect you more for this; it's just a basic facet of human nature to respect people who take the high road.

In your letter, you should thank her, and you should keep it short. Don't go on and on about everything you love about her, but just be simple and straightforward in your thoughts. Avoid the negative, and focus on the positive. This letter is going to cement the framework for your next interactions with her which will hopefully be positive.

Once you've finished your letter, send it to her.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Does She Still Care? How to Get Your Girl Back - Determine Her Feelings

When guys go through a breakup, often it can be tough to figure out when your ex is still really into you. But there are some very obvious signs that are easy to miss because we get so caught up in the whirlwind of pain and negative emotions of a breakup. There are two ways to deal with this.

First: You need to get your head on straight, and stop pining over her. She is not going to want you when you're sad and mopey. By using a specific technique called the "fast forward technique", you can actually get immediate relief from emotional breakup pain.

Secondly you need to look for the clues that she is still into you. If she is still making ANY effort to stay in touch with you, even if it is just a phone call now and then, then she is still into you. If she is "checking up on you" after the breakup, she is still interested in you. Plain and simple: if she tries to maintain contact in any way, she is still interested.

Now even if she doesn't try to keep in touch with you steadily, there is still hope. Sometimes you might just have to work a little harder to get her back. However, it's very important that if she has more or less LOST interest in you, and it seems that way quite plainly, that you follow the specific steps to regain her interest, work on your own sense of self, and finally reconnect in a way that gets you on good ground with her.

But it's very important not to mess these things up. If you see that she's still interested in you, there's good news: she probably still wants to get back together at some point. If she doesn't seem interested, don't despair. Just work on your own wants and needs for a while. See it as a chance to get in touch with your inner man again. Don't fret about her being with some other guy; that is beyond your control and won't do you any good. So just take care of yourself for a while, eat a good diet, and do things you love that make you happy and healthy. Then, eventually, things will end up the way they should with your girl.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Things Not to Do to Get Your Girl Back From Another Guy

Now, I'm not going to tell you to be mean to your ex-girlfriend, or any girl anywhere. But one of the most common mistakes a lot of guys make is being too "nice". You've probably heard that. It's common, because we're raised to believe that being nice is the way to get people to like us. It's the OPPOSITE in real life; we respect people who are strong and self-respecting, not wimpy pushovers who do everything other people want them to.

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It's the same for your girl. If she sees you being too "nice" (as in, doing everything she wants), she'll be repulsed. To get her back into your arms from another guy, she has to see that you are independent, that you care about yourself and your own interests, and that you respect yourself equally with other people.

So, don't be "nice" too much.

Another thing you should never do when you want to get your girl back from another guy is to convince her, or try to be logical about it. Women do not see things logically; they see things with their emotions. That's why they're commonly drawn to "bad boys" or jerks who give them an emotional rollercoaster ride, and then leave.

Even if you're the nicest guy around, loaded with money, and have great looks or even skills in bed, she won't care if you don't appeal to her EMOTIONS, not her logic.

Finally, do not shower her with gifts or flowers when you try to get her back from another guy. You need to actually break away from her for a time. Tell her you understand why you had to break up, and that the space will be a good chance for you to breathe for a little while. She will respect you a lot more for that than for flowers. Flowers just say "I'm desperate! Take me back!" and that is a turnoff to a girl.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to Get Your Girl Back From Another Guy

If your girl has dumped you for another guy, you might be feeling like it’s the end of the world. Believe me, I know exactly how you feel, as I too have been in that situation many times. After time and again getting dumped by girls I really cared about, I decided it was time to figure out what I was going wrong - and how to get them back from these other guys they seemed to like better.

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The first key to learn how to get your girl back from another guy:

Stop trying

Yes, I know this one doesn’t make much sense, but the truth is, trying to get her to come back to you is only going to push her away. If she’s hooked up with another guy, it’s not necessarily because he was cooler than you. She might just be looking for excitement that you’re not giving her, which leads us to the second key...

Focus on yourself

Often when relationships go bad, it’s because one partner becomes too dependent on the other for happiness. Clinginess drives people away. You might have been getting too clingy and not even realized it. The truth is that there’s a strong biological urge in all human beings, male and female, to be drawn to independent people. If you wanted to hang out with her too much, or felt like all your happiness was derived from her, then you probably drove her away without realizing it.

The way to fix this is to focus on your own wants, your own needs, and your own interests. And then, she will naturally come back to you because you are an interesting guy who clearly knows what he wants and you aren’t afraid to pursue it.

Listen to her, but don’t push her

Right after she’s broken up with you for another guy, you are going to have to take the hardest step: let her go. Let her hang out with the other guy, or do whatever she wants. Do not let her know you’re jealous or upset over it, no matter what.

Yes, you’ll be feeling that way, but you can’t clue her in to that fact. You need the space to focus on yourself, not your feelings of jealousy over another guy. Her relationship with anyone else is beyond your control. You need to get away from things you can’t control, because they will only make you more frustrated and angry.

Eventually when she sees that you have become that strong, interesting guy that she was drawn to in the first place, she will be intrigued, and naturally be drawn to you once more.

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