FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back

FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back
The FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Girlfriend Left Me for My Best Friend! What Do I Do?

My girlfriend left me for my best friend! That is one of the most painful situations to ever have to be in. Just about the only thing worse than seeing someone you love break up with you is seeing them leave you for your best friend. The world feels like it's crumbling around you and you just don't know what to do, or who to trust. Your faith in both of these people is shaken exponentially – and you feel like you've lost them both.
Believe me, I know the feeling! This is an impossibly difficult situation, but there are some ways you can make yourself feel better, and even start getting back on the right track. You need to figure out if you really want this girl back if she's dating your best friend. And if you do, you need to know how to get her back.
These steps are going to seem pretty strange to you, but hear me out.
First thing you want to do is let her know you accept it. You need her to know that you are okay with the breakup (even though “okay” is about the last word you'd use to describe it. “Raging mad” is usually going to be more accurate).
Now this is important: WRITE HER A LETTER.
Do not call her. Do not text her. Do not email her. Just write her a letter, preferably by hand. You do not want the temptation to rehash old problems which is very easy through modern communication such as phone and email. Plus, she may not even want to talk to you right now. A letter is ideal because she can read it when she's ready.
Now in this letter you want to tell her that you value what you learned from her in your relationship, that you accept the breakup, and that you hope she is happy (do not mention the best friend. He – or she – is irrelevant). That's all. Say it your own way, but make sure that you say these things to her.
Then you want to send your letter. That's all.
Now by doing this, you are cementing yourself as a mature, kind person in her eyes, and that is way more attractive than anything. You can now breathe easily because you'll have done everything within your control at this point to get your girl back from another guy, or girl as the case may be.
Remember: she left because there was something unfulfilled in her relationship with you, but you have an advantage in that she hooked up with you in the first place. She must have feelings for you. Feelings don't just go away, even if she says they do (which is just her anger speaking).
Now, you want to focus on yourself.
Go out, make new friends, indulge your passions and hobbies. Play your favorite sports, making sure to get plenty of exercise. Now is the time to eat a good diet, not lots of junk food which will just make you more depressed. Don't view the loss of your ex as a bad thing; instead, see it as a chance to reconnect with the most important person in your life: YOURSELF. Do not think about your ex, or the best friend, or any of it.
To read more about dealing with the heartache of your girlfriend leaving you for your best friend, visit this site.

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