FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back

FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back
The FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How Do I Know He Is Cheating On Me

How do I know he is cheating on me? This is probably one of the most stressful questions to have to ask in a marriage. If you suspect your husband of cheating, then you've probably got some legitimate concerns that need to be addressed.

First off, is he spending time with other people - or women?

If so, you have a legitimate right to know what's going on with him. He cannot be seeing or spending time with other women without telling you why. This is a violation of rights within a marriage. Any agreement that is monogamous within two people automatically assumes that each partner must completely divulge his or her activities with other people.

Sorry if that got a little technical. The bottom line is: he needs to tell you who he's spending time with, either online, or out in the real world. If he doesn't, you have reason to suspect him of cheating.

Secondly, does he seem more distant from you emotionally?

If he does, you've got more reason to wonder what's up with his romantic life. You can't really know if he's cheating on you for sure by spying on him or anything like that, and really, that just adds fuel to the fire.

When you suspect him of cheating because he's emotionally distant you need to:

1. Question him about his activities. If he acts suspicious or dodgy, you know something else is going on.

2. If he refuses to answer you, there's a bigger problem in your marriage: lack of communication.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, if you think your husband is cheating on your, or you suspect he's being unfaithful in any way, this indicates a problem in your marriage. Whether he is or isn't, there is a problem.

Clearly, you feel a need isn't being met. He's not giving you enough attention/appreciation. He's not trusting you, and not spending enough time with you.

He may feel you are some way not meeting his needs either. So the two of you need to talk. Get your feelings out in the open. One way or another, avoiding the problem won't help; you need to actually get together and speak in a quiet, non-confrontational way.

Leave your emotions at the door and set aside a quiet time to speak about what's going on in each other's lives.

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