FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back

FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back
The FAST Way to Get Your Ex Back

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why She Cheated On You - And How You Can Get Her Back

If you've found that your ex-girlfriend cheated on you, it wasn't because you did something wrong. It's also not because the other guy was in some way better than you.

It's a very simple reason: she didn't feel appreciated.

Women want nothing more than to feel like you really love what they do for you. When she calls you at work to hear your voice, for example - she's trying to be reaffirmed in the fact that you love her.

Women need to feel appreciated and loved. If they don't, they'll find another man who makes them feel this way.

Trust me on this: it's basic human psychology. In fact, it's one of the key differences between men and women. Men want to be admired; women like to be appreciated.

So the reason she cheated on you is simple: the other guy made her feel appreciated. He listened to her (probably her complaining about you!) and that made her feel better.

Each situation is different, but the chances are, the guy she cheated with wasn't someone she just "fell in love with" right away.

It's more probable that the other guy fed her need for appreciation that she was not receiving from you.

However, you have an ace up your sleeve, which is your relationship with her.

You are already familiar with her, have a history with her, and have built a grounded relationship which has not (even if you might think so) been destroyed beyond repair.

She is familiar with you. She does love you, even if all her behavior points to the contrary. The problem is not with you, or with her, but simply with the communication between the two of you.

When you initiate the steps to make her feel appreciated she will not feel the need to find other men outside your relationship. Simply, you will be enough for her, when you make the effort to fix your relationship troubles and make her feel appreciated.

If you feel like you've already screwed things up with your ex beyond redemption, don't worry. You haven't. In many cases, breakups are just caused by a lack of communication - as I mentioned above.

So shift your mind away from everything that went wrong in your relationship and start to let yourself heal and breathe. Put the bad memories out of your mind. Feel - really feel - the pain of the breakup, and then let it go.

Once you have started to do this, and heal the old wounds, you can fully devote your attention to repairing your relationship with your ex-girlfriend completely.

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